Cross Trading : Protect your suppliers’ identity !

You are shipping or are planning to start shipping goods directly from your Chinese suppliers to your clients to maximise your logistics costs ?

When using this method, usually companies fear that their clients will get the details of the Chinese suppliers and contact them directly rather than going through them to save on costs.

ASD has a solution to protect your suppliers

As ASD Shanghai holds a Chinese export licence, it can become a broker between the supplier and the buyer. The positive consequences are that all the documents such as export invoices, Certificates of Origin and Bill of Lading will be edited by ASD Shangai in your name (depending on the nature of the goods).

If, for any reasons, a document showing the name of ASD Shanghai would come to your client’s attention, ASD Shanghai guarantees non-disclosure of suppliers’ information. Your relationships with your suppliers will remain the same and the payment policy is unchanged. You will pay your suppliers directly. Only legal documents will be amended to hide suppliers’ details.

A simple and efficient way to do business !

Do not hesitate to contact us if you would life further information.

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