ESL and INTRASTAT : Find out more about us

Specialised in international transactions, ESLs, Fiscal representation, Tax agent, Customs formalities, the ASD Group will always be at your side during your transactions.

Our team :

Comprising forty people with many years of experience in the customs and international sectors (some have more than 30 years experience).
The youngest members receive ongoing training from the most experienced members, ensuring they enhance their knowledge in the sectors in which we work.

Our capabilities :

More than 150,000 ESL lines are completed and submitted to the customs authorities per year. By investing in human resources and developing in-house software, we can constantly increase our productivity so that we can, easily accommodating new clients.

Our software :

Our software enables us to receive data in different formats in order to process the ESLs in the best possible conditions.

Some of our clients ask for statistics on the recipient or acquisition countries, on the purchases per business sector or per shops or subsidiaries. The ASD Group has the flexibility to meet all these requirements.

All resources are used to complete the project which you assign to us.

Our development :

Our objective is to achieve an annual growth of between 25% and 27% to enable the group to expand its services to other countries or even other continents.

Our clients :

Comprising a list of companies ranging from EURLs (sole traders) to major retailers, and including SMEs, Small to Medium Manufacturers and large manufacturers, the ASD Group handles each request with the same level of attention.