Our services in Hong Kong

Company's incorporation in Hong Kong for EU businesses.
Fiscal representation in Europe for Hong Kong based companies.

ASD Group : Focus on Hong Kong

Since its creation in the 1990s, ASD Group has grown significantly within the EU. To maintain its level of flexibility and to meet customers’ expectations, ASD is now located in Asia to support European businesses wanting to tap into Asian markets or vice versa.

ASD Group decided to settle in Hong Kong for different strategic reasons. Alongside London, New York and Tokyo, Hong Kong is a prime geopolitical and financial location.

Our branch in Hong Kong can be your link between Asia and Europe.

The multilingual team in Hong Kong can provide services in Cantonese, Mandarin, English and French to facilitate your project’s realisation.

Why Hong Kong ?

Hong Kong is located in Southeast Asia, close to the South China Sea as well as the Republic of China. It has a land mass of approximately 1100 km2 and a population of over 7 million people.

Hong Kong is a former British colonny and is currently a Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China since July 1997. This system was created under the ‘1 country, 2 systems’ policy where Hong Kong (SAR) has different laws than mainland China.

The legal system is based on Common Law-HK Companies Ordinance. The official languages are Cantonese and English.

The independent currency, the Hong Kong Dollars, allows the country to benefit from a significant stability as well as flexibility. It is possible to have different currency accounts in Hong Kong such as an account in EUR, USD, etc.

The fiscal regime in Hong Kong is very simple and attractive. It can be as low as 0% for companies carrying out operations outside the country (offshore) or 16.5% on profits for companies carrying out operations within the country (ie : onshore, sales in HK, office rental, stock, etc.).

Hong Kong is one of the most famous places to do business worldwide either in the finance or trading sectors.

Hong Kong benefits from a pro-business environment and incentives which encourage international exchanges through an attractive fiscal regime, a stable political environment and top of the edge infrastructures.

By being close to both China and Taiwan, Hong Kong becomes a strategic location in terms of international trade therefore interesting for European companies that wishes to be closer to these important markets.

Incorporating a company in Hong Kong : a stepping-stone towards China !

The Chinese market represents a huge opportunity but do you know how to successfully tap into it ?
For a non-Asian company, the number of challenges and barriers is unpredictable ; therefore it is not unusual to get stuck in red tape while creating a WFOE.

Hong Kong belongs to China but maintained a specific status which will remain the same for many years to come.
Incorporating a Hong Kongese company is an opening window towards the full of potential Chinese market. It also simplifies the process of creating a WFOE in China. Although it shortens time scales they remain much longer than what companies are used to in Western countries.

ASD Group has the answer :
- We walk you through the entire process from the first steps to the end ;
- We handle your virtual office ;
- We look after you from your arrival in Hong Kong to your Bank meeting to open a new account ;
- We make sure you comply with Hong Kong laws.

ASD Hong Kong’s range of services

• To meet our growing European customers’ expectations who want to expand their activity in Asia, ASD Hong Kong offers different services such as :
- company’s incorporation in Hong Kong ;
- incorporation of offshore companies ;
- setting up of virtual offices ;
- setting up and coordination of work / investment visa applications ;
- setting up and coordination of payrolls, employment declaration, national insurance contribution, insurances, pensions, etc.

ASD Hong Kong is your unique point of contact to handle your obligations in terms of taxes, customs, international HR and logistics.

• To support local businesses wishing to expand their activity in Europe, ASD Hong Kong offers a service of fiscal representation which allows to :
- import goods directly into the EU ;
- purchase and sell within the EU ;
- set up a stock in Europe ;
- carry out B2B or B2C ecommerce transactions ;
- hire sales representatives.

ASD Hong Kong offers a solution to develop your business at a lower cost.

To learn more about fiscal representation in Europe and companies incorporation in Hong Kong, do not hestiate to contact ASD Group.

Related services :
- Fiscal representation : Management of Customs and Taxes Obligations in the country in which goods are dispatched in the event of DDP sales, stocked or if your company holds a consignment stock.

Other recent services :
- Cross Trading to protect your suppliers.
- VAT warehouse, stop paying your VAT in advance in Italy.