Our INTRASTAT services

Service coverage

• Belgium
• Germany
• United Kingdom
• Spain
• Italy
• Poland
• Czech Republic
• Netherlands
• Hungary

How should you send us your Instrasts ?

Simply send us a copy of your invoices for incoming and outgoing supplies for the last 10 months.

The Intrastats should be submitted to the relevant authorities according to the official dates set out by each country.

What are our services ?

• The Intrastats are filled in and directly filed with the relevant authorities by our staff.
• We verify the compliance of the invoices and the transactions using our software (see ESL, find out more about us).
• We check for double entries.
• We verify the VAT numbers of your customers (depending on the country).
• We can provided you with the statistics, if you so request it.

What do you get in return ?

After completing the Instastat, prior to filing your VAT return, you will receive a summary per submitted invoice :

• The invoice number.
• The VAT value.
• The settlement of the VAT so that you can manage your local VAT returns.
• Additional remarks, if necessary.