Fiscal obligations in the EU

Many Intra Community operations require to be registered for local VAT, below are a few examples :

• Some provision of services.
Triangular operations (non-simplified scheme).
• Onward supply relief (OSR).
• Storage and consignement operations.
Distance selling.
Delivery with assembly transactions.

ASD Group tailors its solutions to suit your business best and manages your or your clients and suppliers’ obligations.

ASD Group can be your tax advisor if you are based within the EU or your fiscal representative if you are based outside the EU, in the following countries :

Tax advisor and fiscal representative :
• France
• Belgium
• Germany
• Italy
• Spain
• United Kingdom
• Netherlands
• Switzerland

Tax advisor only :
• Austria
• Poland
• Czech Republic

Other countries upon request...

Puce jaune ASDVAT Refund

ASD Group can manage your VAT refund claims (Value Added Tax) in many EU countries.