Our White Papers

For many years ASD Group has been helping a many enterprises, both domestically and internationally : in Asia, North Africa and in Canada to enhance the management of their trade operations subject to VAT tax in the European Union.

With a large network of offices and a team of over 70 associates who are specialists in European VAT tax, and in fiscal, customs and payroll formalities, ASD Group offers its support in numerous areas such as : managing and securing your intra-Community operations, import-export transactions, movements of goods, managing and recovering European VAT tax.

We offer you professional, specific, effective and fruitful assistance with VAT, and fiscal and customs regulations.

ASD Group is an international network of offices, with a global network of partners and a unique interlocutor who speaks your language.

To share our experience with you and enable you to gain better insight into your needs in all of these areas we invite you to download free of charge our WHITE PAPERS here below :

Livre Blanc de la VENTE A DISTANCE


E-commerce today has become an indispensable tool for merchants wanting to achieve their goals, yet at the same poses a challenge that needs to be approached in a diligent and reasonable manner.

Regardless of the developmental stage of your project and despite the fact that the world of distance sales is virtual and intangible, certain rules and principles need to be complied with. Having set up your website and taken care of its technical aspects (software development, payment means, etc.) and legal (general terms of sales, etc.), as of the very first transaction you need to also handle the tax and customs-related aspects.

This White Paper developed by ASD Group is to provide you with the necessary information and support in complying with and in the correct application of the relevant tax and customs procedures specific to your activities. This way you can fully benefit from the large potential of the distance sales market, put into place your commercial strategies and develop your enterprise, all while complying with the tax and customs rules of each of the European Union states.



The European Union Directive unifies all obligations regarding intra-Community VAT tax in 28 member states.

It is applied under different terms and conditions depending on the fiscal administration in each state with respect to VAT tax (total and reduced-rate), VAT registration formalities, methods for application of the reverse charge mechanism, invoicing rules, options for VAT tax refund, declaration-related obligations, etc.

Complying with the VAT obligations in Europe - composed of 28 states - where each of them interprets and implements regulations in its own way, may be burdensome and also lead to mistakes in Vat tax calculations. Companies that perform operations subject to taxation in the EU want to optimise their costs and profits, but first of all they are obligated to comply with regulations that govern VAT issues. Compliance with VAT-related obligations is fundamental to preventing the payment of fines and penalties.

ASD Group publishes this White Paper to enable you to better understand and comprehend the purpose and importance of using the services of a tax representative or agent who will ensure compliance with these obligations on behalf of your company.


White Paper VAT TAX REFUND settlement within the European Union

International companies often pay VAT on purchases in one or several EU Member States while their sales representatives are on business trips, fairs, exhibitions and other similar events...

Many of these companies do not seek reimbursement for VAT paid by the different European fiscal offices, often due to a lack of information, for fear procedures that are too complicated, due to language barriers, etc.

If your company is entitled to recovery of this European VAT tax or it has not pursued the eligible refund please read our White Paper to better understand and comprehend these procedures. Optimise your mark-up figures and stop wasting your VAT tax.